From Striving to Thriving in Network Marketing

Start running your Network Marketing business like a pro and begin building an organization that can change your life forever.
Our Mission
To provide a support environment where ethical, focused and productive network marketing professionals can thrive

Cliff Walker Academy Programs

All programs and resources available in the Cliff Walker Academy are designed to help people in network marketing be more successful in all areas of life.

With our coaching programs, you can:
Improve Performance By Continuing the Learning Process
Improve Your
Our Coaches
The greatest coaches in the industry working alongside to make sure that you succeed.

Bea Fields

President of Bea Fields Companies, Inc. and the Founder of Five Star Leader Coaching and Training

I have been described by my clients as a “no nonsense, bottom-line coach”. I am a hard worker, and I will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your business and leadership goals. I am a forward thinker, and I don’t dwell on the past.

Tara Alexandra

Michigan Entrepreneur Founder

Tara is a business coach and online business manager. She’s passionate about coaching entrepreneurs and professionals as they navigate the challenges of growing their businesses as they grow themselves.

Lorraine Lane

President of Lane Business Consulting

Lorraine's career includes experience as the Training & Development Manager for executives in the high-tech industry. She developed a leadership program for executives that is credited with transforming the culture in their organizations.

Anne Fields

President at Personalized Coaching Solutions.

With over a decade in employee training and development, public relations and marketing, Anne has been described as a “go getter” leadership coach who brings both a strong and fresh perspective to leadership and team coaching.

Academy Founder
Cliff Walker
Founder & Diamond Director
7-figure annual income earner, 20-year network marketing veteran, and author of the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller ‘From Striving to Thriving – A New Model for Network Marketing Success‘
Cliff Walker is one of the world’s foremost network marketers and a longtime entrepreneur. Over the past 20 years, he has helped people transition from corporate life to entrepreneurial freedom, having made that change once himself after a very successful corporate career.
The award-winning accomplished host has been praised for his motivational skills, professionalism, and integrity. He has also been hailed for his selfless dedication to unlocking your wealth-generating potential. The author of two books, “The Mindset of Network Marketing” and “The Entrepreneur Mindset Shift”, Cliff Walker combines innovative home business strategies, personal development, and business coaching with traditional business processes to help clients realize their true potential.
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